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BrightMAX 3000 Tactical Flashlight


Military Grade Tactical Flashlight - Brightmax 3000Do you have a flashlight that just isn’t really bright enough?

When you turn it on you get a weak stream of light that doesn’t help you see anything except the outline of shapes. It’s not strong enough to reveal what all is lurking in the dark.

People who rely on flashlights know that cheap little flashlights just will not work when there is a pressing situation. You need bright light and you need it to be very easy to use while being accessible.

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Have you ever had a really bright camera flash at you and it takes you forever to get where you can see right? Imagine having a flashlight that is about 100 times brighter that can distract and deter just about any threatening person or animal.

That is the BrightMAX 3000 Tactical Flashlight. One of the most sought after flashlights in the country after they have just been released to the public.

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If you have ever tried one of those LED flashlights you see at the big chain stores for $30 then I know you were not impressed. You Have NEVER SEEN A Flashlight This Intensely Bright Before!

Ground breaking new LED lighting technology allows the BrightMAX 3000 to deliver the brightest light you have ever seen from a flashlight.

Military Grade Tactical Flashlight - Brightmax 3000

This is not a regular flashlight. The BrightMAX 3000 is a Tactical Flashlight that will immediately become one of your favorites. This technology allows this light to run on just 3 AAA batteries. It has a chip inside that allows it to multiply the power of regular batteries to supply a huge amount of light.

The BrightMAX 3000 Tactical Flashlight is made of High Quality Aluminum which makes it practically indestructible. We were overloaded with the holiday season but now we have restocked and we have them in stock again.


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Don’t ever be without a bright light again. Jump on this chance to save 75% off the normal price of a tactical flashlight.

You won’t get a deal like this in stores anywhere.

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