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Best Survival Gear: Multitools

While a solid survival knife is a staple for many preppers, the single purpose can’t compare against the versatile arsenal of a multi-tool. We have all seen the ridiculous gadgets that try to cram everything and the kitchen sink into the smallest space possible, but this isn’t about what has the most stuff. Who cares if you have a toothpick, if all the manufacturer wants to do is add another number to total overall tools within their product. We are not okay with cheap tricks, and focus our suggestions on practical usability rather than some fancy gimmick.

The most effective multi-tools offer a rugged design that will withstand the elements as well as an ease of their use. The design is a huge factor into our rating system, and we want users to be able to effectively use each multitool as soon as they pick it up. No one wants to get accidently stabbed while trying to use a screwdriver. In continuation of the Ultimate Survival Gear Week, here are our three best Multi-Tools on the market.

3. Nail Head No. 51

This multi-tool embodies the simple, effective design that makes it a timeless classic. Rather than trying to hold every invention in existence, the Nail Head No. 51 maintains a single premise. Create a toolbox that fits in the palm of your hand.

Unlike other multi-tools, the focus of this is to provide all of the basic tools needed to build a structure. A foldable hammer is often the first element that people see and is used to help reinforce structures when you know they are lacking security. In addition, the screwdriver, saw, and knife are welcome additions to this palm-sized tool box.

The Nail Head No. 51 falls in third place because its focus on building tools limits its use in more versatile survival environments. Sometimes it feels like you would rather have real tools, rather than a bunch of tiny ones and this dissatisfaction knocks the Nail Head down in our standings.

2. Leatherman OHT

Simply said, this tool is a workhorse. It offers sixteen separate elements, though the individual aspects are not the reason that earned it a number 2 spot on our list. This multi-tool is spring loaded so that it can be entirely used with a single hand. The days of prying open a rusted blade or pliers are gone, with the OHT.

Its design compliments many tactical elements and will fit in nicely with almost any rig. Truthfully, we don’t care about appearance if the thing doesn’t do what it should. The wire cutters are sharp and allow you to slice through metal easily, while the strap cutter, knife, screwdriver, saw, and all of the other aspects fold out smooth as butter.

Rather than opening each element to find the specific part you need, the OHT has an outlined of each part engraved on the handle. A quick glance can tell exactly where the bottle opener is, and save you the hassle brought on by many of manufacturers.

While the Leatherman OHT is great quality, it is a bit overpriced as it retails around $100. We believe that it does offer high quality, but you will have to ask yourself if it is three times better than its competitors. If budget isn’t a  problem, we highly recommend getting the Leatherman OHT.

1. Rescue Card Multi-Tool

creditcardmultitool1The Rescue Card Multi-Tool gets the gold for the Survival Prepper’s Best Multi-Tool category. This sleek piece of equipment is crafted from durable stainless steel, so it can withstand abuse and punishment. Despite the integrity built into its design, it offers an easy to understand functionality unparalleled with its competitors.

One of the primary differences between this and the two runner-ups is the complete change in its design. We chose to place this higher because we feel that in order for a multi-tool to serve its purpose, it needs to be easily accessible. Since the Rescue Card can fit in any standard credit card sleeve within a wallet, it becomes second nature to keep this item on you at all times.

While it is small, the card offers eleven different features to help you in any situation. A small edge of the card has been sharpened so you can have access to a knife, while can openers have been added to ensure that you can get to any sort of stored food with minimal hassle. In addition to its many other features, it has a flathead screwdriver, saw, and wrenches of various sizes.

By signing up to the email list, you can get a free Rescue Card by clicking this link. This offer only last until supplies run out, so try to hurry and hopefully there will still be some left.

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