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Best Survival Gear: Lanterns

Welcome fellow preppers to today’s installment of the ultimate survival gear week. While we previous discussed flashlights, today we want to take it to the next logical step and discuss the best survival lanterns on the market. Brightness, durability, cost, and innovation are some of the factors that we looked at when we began looking into the different designs.

While it is true you could carry kerosene and a lighter, that might not be the best option if all you need is a light source. With this caveat added to our list, we are only going to focus on electric sources of light, rather than trying to delve into flame based products as well. Make sure to sign up for email updates, in case you want to know once we post a Best Flame Lantern article.

3. UST 30-Day Lantern

This traditional lantern falls in the bronze spot for our top sources of light, due to its incredible ability to provide continuous light for 30 days. While this might sound too good to be true, the reason why it is able to last so long is because the 30-day mode only allows a maximum brightness of 29 lumens. Even though this might sound low when compared to other flashlights and lanterns, this means you can have the continuous light of 29 candles for thirty days. Overall, I do not think that this is a bad trade-off. Just in case you need some extra brightness

Just in case you need some extra brightness, the UST 30-Day Lantern can be switched into a full power mode which gives the output of 300 lumens. While this is on par with many other light sources, it does reduce the battery life to only 31 hours.

The biggest reason why this is not higher on our list is because its traditional design takes up a large amount of space. This is usually not a problem if you do not plan on bugging out, but it makes it impractical when its space could be better used for other purposes.

2. Goal Zero Lighthouse 250

This lantern does not have as powerful of an energy saving mode as the previous entry, but it does have a few secret weapons. To start with, the Goal Zero Lighthouse offers 48 hours of continuous light at 250 lumens. In order to save energy, directional beams can replace the ambient glow, but it will not have the impact of a thirty-day charge.

The reason why this rates in our number two spot is because it offers three alternate ways to charge the light. The first is a standard USB charger that is included with the light. While this saves on batteries, it does not really help in a survival situation. The two backup charging units make this item incredible.

The first is a hand crank which can be used in dire situations to maintain a glow. While it is true that you can use the hand crank to effectively fully charge the light, the effort would actually be worth it. This is better for when you briefly need the light, but the batteries are already depleted.

The better option is the solar panels built into the roof of the lantern. With strategic positioning, the lanterns can be charged during the day, and used during the night. This creates an almost limitless supply of energy and far outweighs the benefits of a 30-day charge without sacrificing overall output.

The biggest cons to this piece of equipment are the higher than the normal price tag and its slightly bulky frame. While it is durable, it will be a trade off if you decide to include it in your bug out pack.

1. HighBeam Pop Lamp

The HighBeam Pop Lamp ranks number one in our list of top survival lanterns primary due to its innovative design. Based on the video above, you can see how the sleek frame can fit easily inside even the smallest pack, or within the glovebox of your car. While it can be used as a regular flashlight, the fact that it pops out and allows a warm ambient glow to fill a room or tent qualifies it for the lantern category.

Its 36-hour charge creates an ideal light source without the worry of it dying after only a few hours of use. While it is not as bright as some of the other lanterns we looked at, we believe that on an individual level, its 300 lumens output is more than enough for any survivalists.

Survival Life retails the HighBeam Pop Lamp at $14.95, though they are offering a special promotion in which they will give a limited number of readers a free lantern in order to spread the word about their product. We believe that this is a great opportunity because it helps our readers gain access to high-quality gear and improve their overall preparedness.


We hope you liked our list and make sure to check back in during the next couple days for the next installment of the survival gear week. Don’t forget to sign up for our email list, and don’t forget to head over and see if there are any lanterns still left.

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