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Best Survival Gear: Flashlights

Welcome preppers, We are happy that you can join us today and we would like to let you know that this marks the first day in the Ultimate Survival Gear Week. Each day will focus a different category of survival gear starting off with flashlights. The current schedule looks like this:




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3. J5-V2 Flashlight

This little guy is a fantastic piece of equipment for those who need a solid all around performer. Its bulb is rated at 750 lumens which is plenty for almost any situation. We highly recommend keeping the beam away from anyone’s eyes as it can cause damage. The small frame allows it to fit into almost any pack or pocket, without weighing you down like a giant mag light.

While it does offer a powerful, it should be noted that it gives a strong directional light rather than an ambient glow. You can adjust the brightness with preset settings, but this should primarily be used for traditional flashlight uses.

The downside to this flashlight is the belt clip which doesn’t secure tight enough and in tactical situations can come loose resulting in you losing the flashlight. A simple fix to this would be to equip a carabiner to it, but due to this flaw we have decided to place it at number three rather than a higher position.

2. Guard Dog Diablo II

At first glance, you might wonder why the Guard Dog Diablo II beat out the J5-V2. While it is true that the Diablo II has less than half the total lumens (320 as opposed to the J5-V2’s 750) it has an additional feature that can help save space in a pack while fulfilling duel purposes.

The biggest pro for this piece of equipment is the built in 5 million volt stun gun. That’s right, 5 million volts. The stun gun can be used for personal defense or even as a way to start a fire. It uses a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about buying dozens of boxes in order to be prepared when something happens.

The price tag for this item is relatively modest given its features. The home security store sells it for a modest $49.95 which allows it to fall within most preppers budgets. A quick search can bring up knockoff brands, though there is no guarantee that their quality will be the same as the Diablo II.

Due to the incredible defensive power of this item, some states outlaw a person carrying them. It is important to check with your state and local authorities before you bring this item out in public. Also, the voltage it puts out is serious and it should be kept away from those who would not use it responsibly. Even though it is a flashlight, it is far safer to treat the Diablo II like a weapon.

1. BrightMAX 3000

Military Grade Tactical Flashlight - Brightmax 3000

The BrightMAX 3000 makes the top spot on the Survival Prepper Best Survival Flashlights. This flashlight is incredibly powerful with a strong total output of 1,200 Lumens. The brightness inside this small flashlight offers an unprecedented degree of illumination.

While an initial flash is great, a flashlight doesn’t really count for much unless it can stand the test of time. The LED bulb for the BrightMAX 3000 is rated for 100,000 hours of use. Factoring in normal utility, it is entirely possible that this light will still shine when you are eighty. This eliminates the hassle of burned out filaments and simplifies the overall product.

Though the design is simple, this little flashlight offers some interesting features. First, it can toggle between various output modes in order to give the appropriate amount of illumination. In addition the straight output, the flashlight can be put into a strobe or SOS sequence with a simple flick of a switch. Perhaps one of the most unique features is of this piece of equipment, is the ability to adjust the width of the beam which allows you to go to a pinpoint light, all the way up to an almost lantern glow.

This flashlight is protected by a military grade aluminum exterior that makes it virtually indestructible. Its small size allows it to fit nicely in any rig, but packs the punch of much larger flashlights. The price tag starts off at $59.00 though there are some discounts which can bring the price down to $42.00 per unit.

You can get your own BrightMAX 3000 Tactical Flashlight by clicking here.

We hope you enjoyed today’s post, and join back tomorrow for the top three lanterns. Thanks for joining Survival Prepper and we are happy to be able to bring you the week of ultimate survival gear.

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